Reading with Indidoll books

The advantages of having your child read earlier rather than later in their lives, are many-fold and we believe most of us who read know that - comprehension, vocabulary and concentration increase with reading.

As this article on Social Pediatrics says:
"- Reading is a full brain workout"
It is the most enjoyable and fun workout you can think of for a child, in terms of brain development.

What most of us new moms struggle with is, how do you get your child to read. Reading books to them when they are young is not only a great time to introduce books, but also a very pleasurable experience for adults. Early on they would not understand much but what they enjoy is your voice and your dedicated attention. Make it a special routine, and adjust the time as per your convenience.

IndiDoll books are a great way to take reading to the next level, where your child can live the story of her doll and do role play with the same clothes as described in the book that comes with every Indidoll. Each unique collectible dress has a special significance in the story. The child can wear the dress depending on which chapter the child is reading. Indidoll family wants your child to becomes a good reader so when she is ready for the complex concepts taught in school, comprehensions comes much easier.

As we say at Mimitra - Indidoll is an investment for life,


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